DO NOT BUY. DOES NOT WORK. PERIOD Even after a year and 5 accounts.

When it comes to lead generation, businesses are continuously on the hunt for services that can bring them the best value for their marketing dollar. It’s a cutthroat environment and services that provide leads are in plenty. One such service I tried was After being a member for about a year with five accounts and investing approximately $150 per month, I feel compelled to share my experiences with the service. I wouldn’t recommend it, and here’s why.  If you want to see what I do recommend, go here:  RPM 3.0

An Overview promises to provide 100 unique leads daily to its users for a monthly subscription fee. I found this proposition enticing initially and decided to commit to not just one but five accounts. The website had a straightforward sign-up process and I felt optimistic about the potential of increasing my business leads.

What Went Wrong?

Over time, however, several issues became apparent, leading to a considerable decline in the perceived value of the service.

1. Low-Quality Leads: The biggest issue was the quality of leads provided. The leads were advertised as being unique and high-quality. However, upon contact, many of the leads were either not interested in the products and services I was marketing, or worse, had no recollection of ever signing up for any related service. The hit rate was far from satisfactory and did not reflect the value promised by the service.

I would daily send to over 300,000 leads. always around 5% open rate.. and a less than 1% clickthrough rate… which is still thousands of clicks and ZERO sales.  Day after day and week after week.  They must be using BOTS.

The reason I suspected that, was because if you put a link in your email that is a sales page, you’ll get lots of clicks but no sales.  If you send to a sign up page, you’ll get thousands of clicks and ZERO sign ups….even for a free product.

See the screenshots below.


2. Lack of Customer Service: Another area where fell short was their customer service. There were instances when I had issues or questions regarding the leads provided, and I found their customer service to be less than responsive. A quality service should be backed by a dedicated support team that is readily available to address queries and concerns.

Customer service knows that that their system is terrible and gets no results and you can tell.  Even their facebook group, shows that EVERYONE is getting NO results.  See screenshot from the facebook group below.

3. No Return on Investment: After investing $150 a month for about a year on five accounts, the return on investment (ROI) was simply non-existent. Given the quality and responsiveness of the leads, my efforts to convert them into actual sales were unproductive.

4. No Transparency: The service lacked transparency when it came to the source of their leads. Despite the website claiming that the leads were unique, it was difficult to verify this information. If a service is providing high-quality leads, they should be able to give a clear picture of how they source these leads.

5. A One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Every business is unique, and so are their marketing needs. used a broad-brush approach that did not consider the unique requirements of my business. The leads provided were not tailored to my specific business needs, resulting in a low conversion rate.


In an era where businesses are striving for cost-effective and result-driven marketing, it’s essential to choose a lead generation service that delivers on its promises. Unfortunately, in my experience, was not the right fit for my business.

For me, the ideal lead generation service should provide high-quality, interested leads, cater to the unique requirements of each business, be backed by a strong customer support team, and demonstrate a clear ROI. In the absence of these elements, the service falls short of expectations.

My journey with has been a lesson in the importance of vetting services before investing time and money. It’s my hope that others can learn from my experience and make more informed decisions when it comes to selecting a lead generation service.

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